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Collective Record Label representing the Alternative Rock Scene in Medellín, Colombia. The bands on this label have independently united their cd productions, digital releases and promotional schemes to converge into one larger effort... WE ARE SLO-BLO RECORDS!!! (alternative, grunge, stoner, garage, surfer, space, indie, alt metal, psychobilly) ... more

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Track Name: Pushek - Chamber Pot (Medellín, COL / Valladolid, ESP)
We can’t see through it ‘cause we’re worshiping the sun

Think about the population, and let it go
People won’t serve to the nation worshiping the sun
She’s a goddess of her own breed, she has a gun
Everybody’s so familiar with all the fun

Set me free, it is the way it has to be
Believing in everyone
Sodomy is everybody’s dream
Corruption is everyone

Set me free set me free it’s just the way it has to be

Don’t go there ‘cause you are never coming back

Call to arms a waste of time, that isn’t mine
Liberty in degradation while drinking wine
Yes I had a perfect ratio and then went blind
Orchestration of the nation by telling lies
Track Name: Pushek - Kill the Rock and Roll (Medellín, COL / Valladolid, ESP)
It’s so tough to be in this situation

There is no place for degradation

Rock n’ Roll it don’t matter to me

Uncle Billie said I was a girl

I was tired of his fucked up world

Come on over help me with the food

Untie me and make me feel good

(Don’t you cry.)

Kill the Rock n’ Roll inside o’ me

Please God set me free

All I want is tea

Welcome to my home

All my things are gone